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Urdu Transcription Services

Urdu transcription service are provided with fast turnaround by Scripts Complete. We are one of the leading Urdu transcription companies taking the effort to offer competitive services in the industry. With a team of experienced and qualified transcriptionists, who are also native speakers, we also provide quality Urdu video transcription online.

We also provide

✓ Urdu to Arabic transcription

✓ Urdu to French transcription

✓ Urdu to Italian transcription

✓ Urdu to Portuguese transcription

✓ Urdu to Spanish transcription

✓ Urdu to Irish transcription and more


Urdu Transcription Rates

Our transcriptionists are highly talented, dedicated and very specific about delivering the projects with fast turnaround, however, without any defaults in the quality of the content transcribed and delivered. We further provide the services at best Urdu transcription rates that can be easily afforded by all our clients online.

Our services include;

✓ Urdu audio transcription

✓ Urdu video transcription

✓ Urdu interview transcription

✓ Urdu legal transcription

✓ Urdu qualitative research transcription

✓ Urdu television transcription

✓ Urdu translation transcription

✓ Urdu audio books transcription

✓ Urdu script transcription

✓ Urdu voice transcription

✓ Urdu movie transcription

For more information about Scripts Complete contact straight away through, FREE QUOTE or call us TOLL FREE 1-888-535-5668.

We provide Urdu language transcription services in all combinations of languages including, Urdu to English transcription services and more.

We provide online transcription services in all major countries across the world, including, USA, UK, Canada, Philippines and many more. Our accepted formats of files include, MP3, WMA, RA, FLAC, APE, AIFF, OGG, AAC, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG and more.