Why prefer US-based Captioning & Transcription Services?

What are the reasons behind hiring an US-based Captioning and Transcription Services?

Captioning and transcription services have gained unrivaled relevance in the film industry either for online or offline consumption. In the US for instance, there’s an ever-growing demand for professional transcription services. This demand has led to a tremendous number of individuals and agencies offering captioning & transcription services. However, this has also raised questions about the competency and capability of these companies. Over the time, many different solutions have been proffered, and the most popular among them is employing a local or home-based captioning and transcription company with US-based captioning and transcription services.

Captioning and Transcription Services

The role of cutting-edge technology in Captioning and Transcription Services

Present day technology has made outsourcing of captioning and transcription projects to US-based companies easier and quicker, when compared to the cost of maintaining an in-house captioning services and transcription department. For instance Staff wages and benefits including overheads. Engaging the services of a US-based transcription and captioning company like Vanan gives a significant level of guarantee as such company possess adequate tools and professional workforce to handle projects of any scale and scope. You can conveniently leave your projects such as medical transcriptions, law transcriptions, and academic transcriptions as it applies to studies and research.

What are benefits of employing a US-based Transcription Company?

  • You need to save money and cut off wages, benefits, overtime, equipment, and even staff training.
  • You have instant access to professional and specialist staff
  • Flexible work plan for your project
  • Timely delivery since you are on the same timeline and region
  • Guaranteed quality assurances since you are also familiar with the state’s regulations
  • You can enjoy custom offers that suit your specifications.

What are the advantages of employing a US-based Captioning Company?

Regardless of the reason behind your demand for captioning services; either for compliance or for the audience with hearing impairments, captioning your videos enhances accessibility. Apart from ADA and other  regulations, some other benefits of captions include:

  • It boosts indexing and searching of your video for viewers through video texts.
  • Captions make your video contents flexible for your audience by enabling them to view videos on mobile devices and in noisy environments like a bus
  • Captions also enhance comprehension of the intended message.

How do you identify a professional Captioning and Transcription Company for your projects?

Captions and transcripts are regarded as essential tools for brand promotion. Due to its vast applications, one cannot risk a poorly done job by allowing amateur companies to handle such projects. Hence, your decision should be well informed and based on certain criteria. This criterion varies from person to person depending on what you need the project for:

  • Cost of services
  • Experience and available workforce
  • Track record and number of successfully completed jobs
  • File management and delivery process

We offer excellent services at very affordable captioning and transcription rates through a network of highly reliable and competent staff to manage and execute your projects. With years of exposure in the industry, we guarantee quality and world-class services every time. Contact us now and claim the best quotes ever!

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