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James Belvin
Rating 5.0 -6 months ago

Excellent customer service! Scripts!

I highly recommend their transcription services. The team and customer support are truly professional, and communicating with them is convenient. It's a bonus that they have exciting features like a free trial, as well as affordable pricing that's quite impossible to get elsewhere for the level of quality they deliver. The transcripts are perfectly done!

Rating 4.0 -6 months ago

Splendid work! Scripts!?

The transcription services here are amazing! I can't believe I thought twice before uploading my interview files that needed conversion to text. Actually, I wasn't too sure at first that they can handle the technicality of my project, but they proved me wrong. In no time, I got wonderfully precise results!

Rating 5.0 -6 months ago

Good Job! Scripts!

I handle quality assurance papers for a car automation company in Chicago. This company has been a big hand for me, to complete my report on schedule. I've been bombarded with teleconference files from board members that needed to be accurately documented. This Transcription company delivers output at fast turnaround, security guaranteed, with great quality for the money.

Rating 3.5 -6 months ago

Fine job! Scripts!

We have a hard time filing documents if they are not completely accurate, because of the serious legal implications. My job has become over a 100% easy because of their transcription services. Police records and investigations flow smoothly when we have transcripts done on time and efficiently. This company does just that, and contacting them by phone or online is a breeze.

Rating 3.5 -6 months ago

Nice job! Scripts!

I am very thankful to the team for the great assistance in completing my research dissertation. The customer support via online chat is very accommodating, and I easily got a quote after discussing my project needs. I am also confident to send them work because they provide non-disclosure agreement, plus the turnaround time is simply fabulous!

Rating 3.5 -6 months ago

Excellent result! Scripts!

Marketing year-end reports can be a drag, but with their help, I finished filing all tasks weeks ahead of schedule. Turnaround time is prompt, accuracy and rates are simply amazing! They have this call back option open for their service, and I was able to articulate my requirements thoroughly.

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