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Audio Transcription Services

The conversion of audio materials and recorded conversations into text documents is called audio transcription.  This kind of service has gained popularity in recent years because of its usefulness as a valuable source of information. Audio transcription today can efficiently produce written records of events like meetings, conferences, forums, interviews, and oral presentations among others.  The information derived from audio transcription can be disseminated in the world wide web and can be accessed by anyone who needs that specific information. For example, all the agendas discussed in a corporate meeting can be traced back if there is a transcript available.  The information can also be shared to anyone who was unable to attend in that meeting..

Scripts Complete is the top choice when it comes to superior quality audio transcription services.  We transform every word and sound in any audio recording with unparalleled precision and accuracy.  With combined expertise and solid years of experience, we deliver the best transcripts online which exceeds customer satisfaction. Our simplified workflow process gives clients the power of convenience every time they need audio transcription services.  In just a few clicks, get access to our amazing services wherever and whenever, even during the wee hours of the night.  Upload files to our secure server and we will respond accordingly with a comprehensive free quote.  It’s super easy! Just like a walk in the park!


Cheap Audio Transcription Services

Meet your needs and requirements with our professional yet cheap audio transcription service. Get transcription services for an unbelievable price starting at $0.10/minute. It’s the most cost-effective option compared to the current market rates.  We charge per minute of audio so you get to know the amount pre-hand for your transcription project.  No hidden cost just upfront honest pricing.

We also offer special discounts and promotions.  If you have bulk order or any special requirement, just let us know so we can give you a customized quote.  You can also save big for your repeat orders, referrals, and other special events promotions. If you need help placing an order, contact our 24/7 customer support through our toll free hotlines, call back option and online chat.

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