100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Incredible Video Transcription Services by Experts

Are you a business or professional who uses media like video to communicate your message? Do you wish to convert the dialogue and non-speech material in the clip into written text to make it more accessible?

Hire Scripts Complete and get video transcription services from experts at affordable costs. You can avail of our general transcription services starting at only $1/minute, and our legal transcription services begin at $2/minute. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918.

Transcription experts at Scripts Complete providing incredible audio video transcription.

You are guaranteed quality, confidential, ISO-certified transcriptions delivered in a quick turnaround time. Our services are 100% human-powered by native linguists, highly trained and experienced in their domains of specialization, delivering timely, nearly perfect transcripts with 99% accuracy in any language.

We provide video transcription services under these categories and more:

✓ YouTube video transcription

✓ Zoom video transcription

✓ Microsoft Teams video transcription

✓ Vimeo video transcript services

✓ Advertising & marketing videos

✓ eLearning videos, etc.

Professional Video Transcription for All Industries

Scripts Complete offers professional video transcription services to businesses and individuals from all industries with the utmost clarity and accuracy.

We have invested highly in our people and processes to guarantee a speedy, professional conversion of videos from business, education, entertainment, marketing, legal, and other sectors.

A professional at Scripts Complete working on a video transcription for a particular industry.

Video-to-text transcription software cannot match up to the superior quality transcripts that our human-based service delivers. We create transcripts that make it easy for you to add closed captions and subtitles, localized to align with the social and cultural values of the target audience.

Different Types of Video/Audio That We Transcribe Online

Scripts Complete can handle any video from any industry. Some of the most common ones are webinars, hearings, police evidence, lectures, dissertations, arbitration, court transcripts, depositions, seminars, meetings, interviews, phone calls, recorded speech, product reviews, vlogs, live stream recordings, video ads, video presentations, television series, movies, music videos, and many others.

A female transcriber providing webinar video transcription services.

We also don’t shy away from challenging videos with background noise, multiple accents, multiple speakers, inaudible audio recordings, etc. We always deliver with the highest word accuracy possible in any case. We also provide time stamps & speaker tracking services.

Benefits of Professional Video Transcription Services

There are numerous benefits to having your video transcribed by a professional, such as:

Enhanced Access: Video transcripts help repurpose your content, making it accessible to a wider audience, like those with hearing impairment and in audio-restricted areas.


Better SEO: Search engines can’t crawl videos. If you wish to make your video content more searchable on the web and increase inbound traffic on your website, add transcripts that can be indexed and ranked.

Improved User Experience: People learn and understand content in different ways. Transcripts on videos give more viewing options, helping the audience perceive the material better for an improved user experience. They also make it possible to search for specific details on the video using keywords.

Why Outsource Video Transcription from Scripts Complete?

When you outsource video transcription from Scripts Complete, the leading language services company globally including Arabic, English, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, Portugese, Russian, Greek, Japanese, German, and many others, you gain access to multiple benefits, such as:

Expert transcriptionists: Scripts Complete has the best professional video transcribers globally, who, with the help of cutting-edge technology, provide superior quality services to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in any field.

Clientshappy to receive their video transcription from Scripts complete

Stringent Processes: Our workflow and quality check mechanisms for video transcription are streamlined for the most accurate transcription results in the quickest possible timeframe. Our prices are affordable, charged at per audio minute rates unmatched by our competitors.

Safety & Security: With strict NDAs and encryption technology, we guarantee that your video and other sensitive information shared on our site is kept private and secure.

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