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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Budget-Friendly Korean Transcription Services by Experts

Are you looking for a transcription service that can deliver Korean transcriptions of your files within a short deadline? Perhaps you are in need of transcription services that can guarantee you accuracy of the content at a reasonable price.

Scripts Complete is a renowned transcription agency with years of experience in the industry. Our fee structure starts at $5 per minute. In fact, we have been providing Korean transcription services for various domains with the help of our native Korean transcribers. Assistance is just a call away: 1-800-230-7918.

If you have a Korean audio or video recording that requires transcription, then reach out to us immediately. We will make sure that you receive a high-quality transcription of your recording with 99% accuracy!

Korean Audio Transcription Services – Why Are They Needed?

Korean is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with more than 80 million native speakers globally. It is the language used officially in the countries of North and South Korea. It is also spoken in parts of China and Central Asia.

If your business aims at growing its Korean customer base, then it is vital that you invest in Korean transcription services for your files.

Accurate Korean Transcription Services

In fact, the biggest advantage of digital media is that you can easily modify and localize your content to reach customers in any corner of the world. Be it videos for marketing or study materials for students, you can ensure that a customer on the other side of the globe can understand your content by employing the right kind of services. Korean transcription services have a number of advantages that can help you take your business to the next level.


Why Hire Transcription Services?

Transcription is the process by which an audio file or an audio track from a video file is converted ? into a textual format. A professional transcription service has a team of transcribers who can convert the spoken content into text accurately.

Here are some benefits of hiring transcription services:

• Increased audience: When you provide your content in more than one form such as audio + text or video + text, you are increasing the number of people who can comfortably go through your content. Some users may prefer listening to your content, while others would prefer reading through the Korean transcription. Using a transcription service, you can increase your audience exponentially.

• Accessibility: Transcriptions are most useful to people who are deaf or are hard of hearing. They find it easy to go through transcriptions of content to understand the content presented to them. Several streaming platforms for educational content such as elearning videos and podcasts mandate transcriptions. This is to ensure that all kinds of audiences are able to successfully experience the content.

• Search engine optimization: Search engines are unable to crawl through audio and video files, but if a transcription is provided, then the search engine will be able to go through the text thoroughly. This, in turn, will help in indexing and will push your Korean content much higher in ranking among other content.

Why Hire Native Korean Transcribers and Korean Audio Typists?

One of our unique offerings is that all our transcriptions are done by native speakers of the respective language. This includes all the 100 languages that we support. We offer Korean transcription services by native translators because we feel that native speakers have the most in-depth understanding of the language and its accompanying cultural connotations. A native transcriber will be able to understand subtle phrases and pauses in the audio recordings and convey it accurately.

Reach out to us for the top Korean transcription services in the industry!

Korean Transcription Services - Our Features

✓ Highly affordable rates

✓ Experts in over 100 languages

✓ Free trials and bulk discounts available

✓ Fast turnaround - rush and super-rush services available

✓ 99% accuracy

✓ Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) signed

✓ Native transcribers

✓ 24/7 customer care - expect a response within minutes

Korean to English Transcription – How Does It Work?

Our Korean transcription services follow a very simple workflow which ensures both quality and timely delivery. In order to hire our transcription services, here are a few easy steps for you to follow:

• Connect with us to discuss your project: You can either email us the details of your project or reach out to us via our 24/7 customer care service.

• Get a free quote for your transcription project: Once our customer support executives get the details of your project, they will be able to give you a FREE quote for the transcription.

• Upload your files for transcription: Send us your Korean audio and video files by uploading them on our website. Try to make sure that the files have clear audio quality, as this will affect the transcription.

• Make your payment: Pay for your transcriptions via our secure payment gateways.

• Receive your transcription: Receive high-quality transcriptions of your recordings within the scheduled timeline!

We have made our workflow extremely simple so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience to obtain your transcriptions. Get in touch with us now to begin your Korean audio transcription journey!

Files For Which We Offer Korean Transcription Services

As a reputed transcription service, we offer transcriptions of a variety of files from different industries and domains. Here are some examples of transcriptions we offer:

✓ Academic Videos/Audios

✓ Lectures, Presentations, Seminars, Discussions

✓ E-learning Videos

✓ YouTube Videos

✓ Social Media Videos and Podcasts

✓ Market Research Interviews

✓ Focus Groups

✓ Trials & Hearings

✓ Wiretaps & Telephone Recordings

✓ Arbitration Proceedings

✓ Depositions

✓ Other Court Proceedings

Korean Audio and Video Transcription - File Formats We Support

When it comes to providing quality a Korean transcript for your files, we leave no stone unturned. We accept all standard formats of videos and audios and convert them into simple transcripts which you can use as per your need.

Audio Formats We Accept:

The team at Scripts Complete accepts all standard formats of audio files such as:


Video Formats We Accept:

Our transcribers can also provide you transcriptions of audio tracks that may be a part of your video files. We accept standard file formats of videos such as:

.Mp4, .SWF, .F4V, .FLV, .AVI, .WMV, .Mov, .AVCHD, etc.

Other Services - Top Translation Quality

If you have any other needs for your business such as captioning, subtitling, translation, etc., we can also support you with them! Please get in touch with us and learn more about the various services we offer!

Our Other Language Transcription services:

✓ English Transcription Services

✓ German Transcription Services

✓ Spanish Transcription Services

✓ Portuguese Transcription Services

Chinese Transcription Services

✓ Arabic Transcription Services

✓ Japanese Transcription Services

✓ Kanjobal Transcription Services

✓ Maori Transcription Services

✓ Marathi Transcription Services

✓ Somali Transcription Services

✓ Turkish Transcription Services

✓ Welsh Transcription Services

✓ Korean Transcription Services and more languages.

The Significance of Korean Language and Transcription Services in the U.S.

The Korean language holds a unique and growing significance in the United States, reflected in both historical milestones and demographic trends. Notably, the year 2000 marked a pivotal increase in Korean speakers, aligning with the rise of Korean cultural influence. As of a recent report (2021), there are over 1 million Korean speakers in the U.S., accounting for approximately 0.36% of the population. This diverse group includes 52% female and 48% male speakers, with a notable presence in both youth and elderly demographics. The presence of Korean speakers is not just a cultural marker but also an economic one. Industries ranging from technology to entertainment have recognized the value of catering to this linguistic group, making Korean transcription services increasingly relevant in the American market.

Korean transcription services have emerged as an indispensable tool in the United States for both professional and personal endeavors. These services cater to a wide range of needs, from academic research and business communications to legal proceedings and personal projects. Their necessity stems from the demand for accurate and culturally nuanced translations, bridging communication gaps in a diverse society. Professional Korean transcription provides essential support for industries seeking to connect with Korean-speaking audiences, ensuring clarity and precision in communication. This service is not just about language translation; it's about fostering understanding and collaboration across cultures, proving essential in a world where global interconnectivity is paramount.

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