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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Quality-Controlled Legal Transcription Services

Legal Transcription Services provided by our company cover technical and secretarial dictation for lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and paralegal professionals. The need for excellent quality cannot be divorced from the overall output owing to the professional nature of this type of work. Partnering with partners globally, has left an indelible imprint across the corporate-legal landscape delivering tiptop quality transcripts for reports, inquests, client interview, investigations, covert recordings and much more. 

It is a prerequisite to have the best quality results when it comes to legal transcription services. At our agency, customers and attorneys can get individual assistance to outsource jury instruction transcription projects based on the requirements. Our language specialists will transcribe legal documents and media files with a keen eye to details and specifications, thus giving you excellent quality transcripts. One can expect this standard even for rush and super rush orders.

Attaching or uploading files has never been easier, you can send content in multiple sound formats such as Windows Media, DDS, MP3 etc. Scripts complete prides itself with decades’ experience in the legal field. Our researchers, editors and proofreaders have honed skills to cite apt abbreviations, maxims, legal terminologies and nuances in every piece of recording. 


Who Requires Professional Legal Transcription Services?

In addition to the orders requested for legal transcription services for law firms and other judicial companies, our organization caters to provide premium services for some more groups. This includes legal transcription services for law professionals, advocates, law students, legal personnel, law-related officials and legal transcription services for attorneys as well. While adhering to our security procedures, we delete the customer’s data from all our software platforms, regardless of the delivery is a rush or a super rush order!

Legal transcription involves the process of transcribing a content which is of legal purpose for some private or official concern. Thus, the resulting product will become a subject of legal records.

Legal transcriptionists are the persons (transcribers) who have the job of listening to various legal audios or videos and convert it into a textual format. Legal transcriptionists need a transcription software along with them to transcribe the recording in a professional way. Even though it is a manual transcription, some people still refer to these types of legal transcription services as AI-powered manual transcription.

Need For Transcribing Legal Documents

We extend our law transcription services to more other projects such as:

✓ Legal Pleadings Transcription

✓ Rulings from courts

✓ Jury Instruction Transcription

✓ Briefs and subpoenas

✓ Court Tapes Transcription

✓ Recorded depositions

✓ Court Proceedings Transcription

✓ Legal Examination Transcription

✓ Legal correspondence

✓ Client tape Transcription

✓ Statements and confessions

✓ Preliminary Hearing Transcription

✓ Corporate Transcription Services

✓ Court Transcription Service

✓ CD Transcription Services

✓ Technical Transcription Services

✓ Legal Dictation Services

✓ Pace Transcription Services

✓ Tape Transcription Services

✓ Legal phone calls and individual video pieces of evidence

✓ Law firm transcription services for lawyers and solicitors

NOTE: Projects are delivered strictly by manual transcription services.

Highlighting The Features of a Best Legal Transcription Service

Legal transcriptionists not only have to focus on simple transcribing but also adhere to some strict regulations followed in the company. A professional service provider will necessarily focus on the following during their legal transcription:

COST-EFFECTIVE- There are a good number of service providers who give value to your money by making you pay reasonably even for longer digital formats.

SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY- High security is the primary concern for any legal transcription to process. However, reputed companies will have SSL encryption to provide confidentiality to their customers.

MAN +TECHNOLOGY- Having fully manual transcriptions is tiring; at the same time, using an automated tool does not promise on the quality typically. And that’s why certain companies have AI-powered transcribers where a human’s skills and technology’s potential will make the legal transcription work easier with good quality.

EXTRA CUSTOMIZATIONS- Good companies take in the requirements of their clients regarding formatting and other extra details to be added like verbatim and time-doing option. Apparently, they try to incorporate the same in the legal transcript.

DIGITAL ORGANIZATION OF ALL FILES- Reputed transcription companies have proper localization of their resources like software, tools, digital data, etc... This way they reduce their time spent on searching for bits and pieces of their legal file to be transcribed or done transcription.

It is also essential to have an eye on the TAT (Turnaround time) and the factors upon which the prices are based upon for every legal project’s transcription service.

What are the rates of standard legal transcription ?

The standard legal transcription rates generally vary depending on aspects such as the quality of audio or video, duration of the input, language of the legal transcript and more. A few legal transcription services quote the price based on the experience of legal transcribers. However, our agency has legal transcription prices that are comparatively cheap and worthy for the quality.

In legal parlance, “time” is always of the essence as the aphorism goes. To this end, speedy delivery,undistorted quality and cost-effective digital or analogue transcription solutions come in handy. Legal transcription services are needed by law firms and their denizens such as in-house researchers, barristers, solicitors,advocates, paralegal staff, company secretaries and court personnel. 

Legal Transcription Services

We’ve carved out aniche offering high-level accuracy transcription not only to law firms but also to other specialists such as fraud specialists, custom and tax officials, undercover agents and much more. In many cases, legal transcription involves raw sound (and visual) content stored in traditional tapes, CD/DVD and other recordings in digital formats. You can leverage our breakneck pace turnarounds, chunky rebates for large bulks and a 24/7 Customer Response Desk. Entrust for top-quality legal transcripts attested by ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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