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Cheap Transcription Service

Get the value for your money with our Fast and Professional Transcription Services

Script Complete is an online transcription service provider well-known for its affordable pricing. We have highly experienced transcribers, who can deliver accurate and fast transcription. A vast network of professional transcribers enables us to undertake time-sensitive projects across many industries.

Industries for Which We Offer Cheap Transcription Services

Imbibing the way of transcription process for years now, we have been acquainted with numerous industries. We deliver affordable transcription services scripts via audios and videos at very competitive prices with great turnaround time and accuracy. Here are some of the types of industry transcriptions we deal with:

Legal Transcription:

We at Scripts Complete ensure complete confidentiality as high priority while providing legal transcription services. Whether you are a law firm, an individual or a legal attorney, getting your legal audios and videos transcribed can be crucial. We transcribe documents relating to tax files, charge sheets, lease agreements, tax statements, financial warrants etc.

Medical Transcription:

Medical or pharmaceutical transcription consists of jargons and terminologies that can be complex to understand and deal with. We make use of our native transcribers who are experts in medical terms and get all your toxicology reports, medical bills, drug registration documents, clinical reports etc transcribed with great accuracy and precision.

Academic Transcription:

Our academic transcription services are cheap and quite handy. We deliver cheap transcription services for students and make their school/college life easy. We transcribe documents relating to speeches, seminars, visa and immigration file, etc.

Apart from these, we also transcribe for industries such as:

✓ Automotive

✓ Information Technology

✓ Business

✓ Corporate

✓ Government

✓ Life sciences

✓ Market Research

✓ Advertising

✓ Aviation and so on.

We are proud to be the best and cost-effective online transcription service. We prioritize our customer’s security as we constantly handle highly sensitive audio/video files. We serve leading brands and they trust us for their transcription needs.

We help our customers with cheap transcription services without compromising on the quality. If you are looking for a cheap transcription service, we believe we can offer you the best price.

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