100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Gaelic Transcription Agency

Gaelic Audio transcription services give your products and services the boost that it needs to leverage market forces and let it work to your advantage.Our superb quality Gaelic audio transcription service is guaranteed with our keen eye for quality and detail. We are equipped with the latest in audio recording and playback technology.

With the internet making the world a smaller place, millions of people turn to online resources for information, products and services, among others. This is where we help provide a valuable resource with our Gaelic academic transcription services. Whether it’s for research, study, dissertation, thesis and more, our Gaelic academic transcription services let you broaden your horizons to help you experience the world like never before. Our services are priced starting at $5 per minute. Reach out to us at 1-800-230-7918 for a no-cost quote.

We also provide the following:

✓ kurdish transcription services

✓ gaelic to French transcription

✓ gaelic to Italian transcription

✓ gaelic to Portuguese transcription

✓ gaelic Transcription Services

✓ Russian transcription services

Other languages we often provide transcripts in are English, Greek, Spanish, Hindi, etc.


Gaelic audio transcription

We strongly believe in the idea that the more clients we have for Gaelic audio transcription services, the more we can hire additional people to do the work, thus we endeavor to focus on combining productivity, quality and affordability.

This promotes the ideal business atmosphere that benefits all stakeholders – more robust business transactions for our clients, more transcription service projects for the company, more employment opportunities for skilled and talented transcribers.

Gaelic legal transcription services

Need your audio files for important legal purposes? We have our Gaelic legal transcription services to attend to your needs. We have professionally- trained Gaelic transcription service specialists who can transcribe your legal files with our established quality assurance measures to give you only the best output. Thus only the best Gaelic legal transcription output for our clients.

Our business model is one that promotes a productive and fruitful relationship between our customers and our company – that strengthens our commitment to ensure that our audio transcription services is one that inspires our customers to patronize our service.

Our language transcription services include:

✓ gaelic audio transcription

✓ gaelic video transcription

✓ gaelic student transcription

✓ gaelic interview transcription

✓ gaelic legal transcription

✓ gaelic qualitative transcription

✓ gaelic qualitative research transcription

✓ gaelic television transcription

✓ gaelic translation transcription

✓ gaelic audio books transcription

Accepted Audio/video file formats

Mp3, mp4, MicroDVD, DirectVobSub, MPEG-4, . SubViewer and more.

Empowering Gaelic Communication in the United States: A Statistical Insight

The Gaelic language, though not widely spoken, has a notable presence in the United States, reflecting a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and linguistic diversity. According to the latest report from the American Community Survey, the number of Gaelic speakers in the United States was recorded in 2020, amounting to approximately 30,000 individuals. This figure accounts for a minuscule percentage of the U.S. population, less than 0.01%, showcasing the rarity and uniqueness of the language within the country. Demographically, the Gaelic-speaking community in the U.S. is diverse, with a split of 55% male and 45% female speakers. Age-wise, the majority of speakers are adults between the ages of 25 and 54, indicating a mature population maintaining linguistic traditions. Important milestones in the history of Gaelic in the United States include significant immigration waves in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the founding of Gaelic cultural organizations, and the establishment of language preservation programs in recent decades. The benefits of Gaelic transcription services extend across various sectors, including academia, genealogy, legal industries, and cultural preservation, supporting both professional and personal needs.

Gaelic transcription services in the United States serve a critical role in bridging communication gaps, preserving cultural heritage, and facilitating access to Gaelic language materials. These services are indispensable for researchers, historians, legal professionals, and individuals seeking to connect with their Gaelic heritage. They enable the accurate documentation and translation of Gaelic spoken materials, ensuring that non-Gaelic speakers can understand and appreciate the nuances of this rich language. Furthermore, Gaelic transcription services contribute to the broader efforts of linguistic preservation, offering a tangible means for protecting and promoting the use of Gaelic in the U.S. In a nation characterized by its diversity, the necessity of such services underscores the importance of embracing and supporting minority languages as a vital component of cultural identity and heritage.