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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Indonesian Transcription Agency

Businesses in Indonesian can take gain a whole load of benefits by partnering with a professional indonesian transcription agency. Transcribing audio feed for in-house and outside business communication is required to capture germane content for mass distribution through webinars, meetings, ads, and conferences.

Access specialized services and technical prowess by an army of native Indonesian transcribers branching off in a wide variety of fields like medicine, entertainment, law, ecommerce and many others. Transcribing a large pile of files and managing high-volume data can be tedious for a business without trained transcriptionists. Outsourcing from a reliable and renowned transcription company safeguards accuracy, content value and timely delivery.

Furthermore, entrusting your transcription tasks to a professional transcriptionist provides efficiency through fast turnarounds, this boosts productivity for your business. Equally, a leading Indonesian transcription company renders ready-to-publish or electronically-formatted transcripts saving time for businesses. Our rates start at $5 per minute. Call us toll-free at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation.

We also provide the following:

✓ Hawaiian transcription

✓ Indonesian to French transcription

✓ Indonesian to Italian transcription

✓ Indonesian to Portuguese transcription

✓ Tamil Transcription Services

✓ Indonesian to Irish transcription

Chinese Transcription


Indonesian Academic Transcription

Post-graduate students pursuing a Masters Degree, PhD, or Doctorate in Indonesian universities need to submit a final thesis or dissertation. You should consider an indonesian academic transcription company lurking with scholarly transcribers specializing in all disciplines and programs such as law, economics, medicine, art, social sciences, education and others.

Qualitative research data, interviews, lecture recordings, focus groups and peer discussions can feed into your dissertation’s argument with cogent and plagiarism-free content. However, only a specialist Bahasa or Javanese native transcriptionist versed with your subject matter can extract relevant content from your materials and collate it with your dissertation/thesis.

Indonesian Interview Transcription

Indonesian interview transcription can help businesses, researchers, governments and other organizations to preserve their vast troves of media data through professional documentation. Client interviews can provides reference as lawyers execute instructions, insurance companies can use original accounts as evidence in litigation, journalists get authentic information and investigators prop up their cases. Interviews provide unembellished accounts for other secondary sources.

However, interview transcription services are an integral part of data management strategies in research for the collection of vital data needed by institutions such as hospitals, technical schools and universities and government agencies. While court proceedings, insurance interviews, and extra-judicial (out-of-court admissions) confessions are transcribed verbatim, recordings meant for business communication require intelligent transcription for pristine grammar, correct spellings and explicability.

Our language transcription services include:

✓ Indonesian audio transcription

✓ Indonesian video transcription

✓ Indonesian student transcription

✓ Indonesian interview transcription

✓ Indonesian legal transcription

✓ Indonesian qualitative transcription

✓ Indonesian qualitative research transcription

✓ Indonesian television transcription

✓ Indonesian translation transcription

✓ Indonesian audio books transcription

Accepted Audio/video file formats

Mp3, mp4, MicroDVD, DirectVobSub, MPEG-4, . SubViewer and more.

Elevating Communication: The Impact of Indonesian Transcription Services in the United States

The Indonesian language, while not as widely spoken as some other languages in the United States, has carved out a significant niche within the country's linguistic tapestry. Notably, the 2020 U.S. Census reported over 100,000 Indonesian speakers, accounting for a small yet impactful 0.03% of the total population. This demographic is diverse, comprising approximately 51% female and 49% male speakers, with a wide age range that includes both young learners and the elderly. Key years in the history of Indonesian language in the U.S. include 1965 and 1998, marking significant waves of immigration due to political and economic upheavals in Indonesia. These movements have contributed to the growth of Indonesian-speaking communities, particularly in states like California, New York, and Texas. The demand for Indonesian transcription services spans various sectors, including legal, medical, educational, and entertainment industries, highlighting the language's importance across multiple facets of American society.

Indonesian transcription services play a vital role in the United States by facilitating clear and effective communication for individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations. These services are essential for professional purposes such as legal proceedings, medical documentation, academic research, and business transactions, where accuracy and reliability are paramount. Additionally, Indonesian transcription aids personal endeavors, enabling diaspora communities to maintain connections with their cultural heritage through translated literature, films, and historical documents. By breaking down language barriers, Indonesian transcription services not only support the integration and inclusion of Indonesian-speaking individuals in American society but also promote cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. This underscores the necessity of such services in nurturing a diverse and interconnected global community.