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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Professional Sermon Transcription Services

Scripts Complete is a leading provider of unmatched sermon transcription services. We offer the best quality transcription services and allow Churches and Christian institutions to spread the message to maximum people globally. We have been in the industry for years, and our experience enables us to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Sermon Transcription Services

Most churches preach the message and only record it. However, it often limits the accessibility and reach of the sermons. People who speak different languages may not be able to gain meaning from the sermon.

People with hearing difficulties will also not be able to access the sermons recorded by the churches. Therefore, sermon transcription services become important in order to reach out to a more targeted audience effectively. Sermon transcription services allow converting the audio sermons into readable text.

We, at Scripts Complete, make it easier for people to read the sermon transcripts and understand the audio or video better. We help religious people easily find the answers relating to their faith through the transcribed sermons online in over 100 languages.


Why are Sermon Transcription Services Required?

Transcription of church sermons has become highly important in recent times. The primary goal of every church is to ensure that every individual around the globe hears the gospel. However, 5% of the population in the world has hearing disabilities.

In order to reach out to such people, church sermon transcription is vital. It enables people with hearing difficulties to easily read the sermons. Transcription services sermon also helps the churches to reach out to people who prefer reading to listening.

Most churches give their sermons in the English language. However, there are a large number of people who do not speak or understand English. Transcribing the sermon can enable such people to easily understand the sermons without any doubt or confusion.

Sermon transcription is also beneficial from the SEO point of view. The keywords used in the sermons increase their search rankings, and more people can find the sermons when doing a relevant search.

Our Sermon Transcription Services

We at Scripts Complete provide a wide range of sermon transcription services to churches and Christian organizations. We are a one-stop destination for all your sermon transcription needs.

The different sermon transcription services that we offer include:

  • • Church notes transcription
  • • Bible reading transcription
  • • Church lecture transcription
  • • Prayer transcription
  • • Gospel transcription
  • • Prayer transcription
  • • Bible study notes transcription
  • • Religious coaching transcription
  • • Church correspondence transcription

100% Human Sermon Transcripts

At Scripts Complete, we have a team of certified and experienced transcribers who can transcribe sermons in the best possible way. Our qualified and knowledgeable experts have years of experience in the domain. They are dedicated and committed to providing appropriate transcription services to the churches.

Our transcribers are familiar with the terms of the Biblical words used in the sermons and their meanings. It enables them to accurately transcribe the content and increase the reach of the sermons. Our 100% human transcription ensures optimum accuracy and relevancy.

We avoid the use of machines for transcription in order to eliminate the occurrences of potential errors or change the true meanings of the sermons. We focus on providing value to the people to enable them to grow spiritually by listening to the sermons.

Top-Notch Sermon Transcripts from the Experts

If you are looking for the best quality sermon transcriptions, Scripts Complete is the ultimate place for you. Our professional transcribers are serious about the quality of sermon transcripts they deliver to the churches and Christian organizations.

We collaborate with clients on a personal level and understand their unique requirements. Our experts provide transcription services accordingly. We ensure optimum satisfaction for our clients.

How does Transcribing Sermons Works?

We follow a very systematic process in order to transcribe church sermons. First, you will have to upload the sermon recording. Whether it is in your Google Drive, laptop, Dropbox, or YouTube, you can upload it easily.

After uploading the file, you can select the language in which the sermon is to be transcribed. You can choose any language from among the available options. We can provide our transcription services in over 100 languages.

Our professional transcribers start transcribing the sermons into the target language. The transcribed files are then proofread by the specialist experts in order to provide flawless services to the clients. We ensure optimum accuracy of all our transcriptions.

Finally, we deliver the sermon transcript. We ensure delivering the file in the desired format as per the convenience of the clients.

Transcription of Sermons in Different Languages

We are proficient in transcribing church sermons in over 100 languages. We ensure that people speaking different languages are able to access the sermons and witness change in their lives. The languages in which we transcribe sermons are:

  • • English
  • • German
  • • Spanish
  • • Japanese
  • • Portuguese
  • • Arabic
  • • Chinese
  • • Dutch
  • • French
  • • Russian
  • • Polish
  • • Italian

Highly Accurate Sermon Transcripts

Quality and accuracy are the top priorities of Scripts Complete. We aim at presenting the sermons in their truest form to the target audience. Our professional transcribers are very careful about not changing the real meaning of the terms used in the sermons.

We offer highly accurate sermon transcripts to churches and Christian organizations around the world. Our transcribers pay attention to every minute detail and enhance the accuracy of the transcripts.

Flawless Audio Transcription Services

Most of the sermons of the churches are in the form of audio. But their accessibility is limited as people with hearing disabilities, and foreign-language speakers cannot understand them. At Scripts Complete, we provide high-quality audio transcription services.

Our expert transcribers hear the audio carefully and transcribe the sermons word by word. Our accurate sermon transcription services have made us a popular choice among a number of churches and Christian organizations. We focus on exceeding the expectations of our valuable clients.

Audio Files We Support

We accept a wide range of different audio files. The most common audio files we support include WAV, MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC, WMA, and more. By providing more options, we ensure the optimum convenience for our clients.

Reliable Video Transcription Services

In order to engage the audience and ensure connectivity, more video sermons are uploaded online by the churches. It plays an important role in creating an interest among the people. However, people with hearing difficulties and foreign language speaking people may find it difficult to understand.

Transcription of the video sermons allows churches to reach out to such people. Video transcription also ensures that people can hear the audio in a disturbing environment and still understand the meaning by reading the transcripts. Scripts Transcripts specializes in providing accurate and reliable video sermon transcriptions.

We aim at increasing the accessibility of the video sermons and appealing to more target audiences.

Affordable Church Sermons Transcription Rates

We provide our church sermon transcription services at affordable prices. Our rates are the lowest in the industry. Our budget-friendly pricing makes us a popular choice among the churches.

We make sure that all churches and Christian organizations can offer our transcription services of the sermons. Whether you want to transcribe a topical sermon or an evangelistic sermon, we can provide you all at the best price.

Transcription of Sermons of Bible Studies

Bible studies provide the believers with an opportunity to come together and study the Bible. It can offer individuals a better understanding of the Word of God and bring positive changes in their lives.

We, at Scripts Complete, transcribe Bible study sermons accurately. We focus on providing the best transcription services to churches and Christian organizations.

Why Choose Our Sermon Transcripts?

  • ✔ Certified transcribers
  • ✔ High-quality sermon transcription
  • ✔ Faster turnaround time
  • ✔ Affordable rates
  • ✔ Round the clock availability
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