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Sermon transcription service is the process of transcribing the audio sermons into the textual forms. Mostly, the churches record sermons and preaching. Now, to convert these recordings into text form is the sermon transcription. Sermon transcription service can also be termed as bible reading transcription or gospel transcription.

If you target to reach maximum audience around the world, the religious coaching transcription is important. As, the written soft copy can be useful for study groups the hard copy can be used by the people living physically apart. The basic concept of sermons is to understand the preach in detail. And for this, written sermon can be very helpful.

Why Sermon Transcription is Important?

The churches have a goal of spreading the sermons worldwide. For people living in other parts of the world, who physically can’t come to listen to sermons, a great way to reach out to them is Sermon Transcription.

Sermon transcription is a procedure of converting spoken sermon to written text. There are many reasons why churches should go for this religious coaching transcription. A few are –

  • ● Sermon transcription is the best way to reach people who are deaf or have hard hearing disabilities. Transcription can help them read the sermons.
  • ● For people who don’t speak English as their first language, may find it hard to understand the sermons, while listening because of the pace it is being spoken. A transcribed text form can solve this problem, as now they can read along while listening.
  • ● Many people prefer reading over listening. They find it easy to read and identify the main points then to listen the whole religious church lecture. Giving people to give option between read or listen, is going to increase the reach.
  • ● Another reason is because the sermon transcripts are printable. Having a hard copy of the sermon can be beneficial for many like study groups. They can use it to highlight the parts and to make notes.
  • ● Search engines do not include audio or other media files effectively while searching for a keyword. They need metadata or text. So, from SEO point of view, it is very important to transcribe the sermon from audios to textual form.
  • ● Sermon transcripts can be a great tool for marketing as well. You can divide a long transcript into parts and can use them as blogs or marketing emails or newsletters as well.

Sermon Transcription Services at Scripts Complete

We have experienced sermon transcribers, who are not only English-speaking professionals but also experts in multiple native languages. Their expertise on scriptural matters and theology helps them to make sure that the transcription is accurate.

We use advanced technology to have sermon transcription done with utmost accuracy. We have human transcriptionists, who work with latest technology. They implement great software to understand bad quality recordings and then transcribe them.

Quick Turnaround
The turnaround time we offer for sermon transcription is very less. We understand that nobody wants to wait long for their results. Thereby, you can expect fast delivery though our services.

Quality & Accuracy
Our sermon transcriptionists team is well experienced and consistent in providing high quality results. Without doubt you can expect 99% of accuracy rate. The quality of product is extremely reliable as well.

Affordable Pricing
Our pricing for sermon transcription is very affordable. Guaranteed there are no hidden charges! For budget friendly and cheap sermon transcription services, you won’t find anything better than us.

Scripts Complete supports multiple dozens of languages. We have more than 110 languages for sermon transcription. We have natives for all these languages, so that the true essence of the sermon can be maintained.

Transcription Services That We Offer

At Scripts Complete, we have experienced professionals who have enough expertise and understanding in regard to religious matters. Here we offer various kinds of transcription services which can be customised as per your needs and budget.

  • • Prayer Transcription
  • • Religious Lecture Transcription
  • • Audio Sermon Transcription
  • • Religious Coaching Transcription
  • • Bible Reading Transcription
  • • Church Lecture Transcription
  • • Study Group Transcription

What is Sermon?

Sermon refers to a religious discourse. For that matter, a talk on moral subject is also called as sermon. Furthermore, a lecture given at a church, on a segment from the Bible, is sermon as well.

The word Sermon is derived from old French. The actual origin of the word is from Latin word sermō, meaning discourse.

It addresses religious topics, explained in detail, about faith, moral conduct or law. The topics can be explained in both present and past contexts.

Sermons are more than messages. They are structured and have scriptural content. Sermons contain theological words and are gospel centric. Sermons can be in written or spoken form.

The person delivering the sermon is known as preacher and the process is called as preaching.

Different types of sermons

All of these have different subjects and targets different audience. Some of these are –

  • ● Biographical Sermons – Story of a Bible character, from various sections of the Bible.
  • ● Expository Sermons – Detailed explanation of a segment from the Bible.
  • ● Topical Sermon – Focuses on a topic of current concerns
  • ● Narrative Sermons – A story or series of stories to make moral points.
  • ● Evangelistic Sermons – Converting sinners to Christ, through origin story of religion.
  • ● Historical Sermons – Presenting a biblical story in a historical and non-biblical angle.
  • ● Hortatory Sermons – Return to living ethically, based on the life of Christ.
  • ● Illuminative Sermons – Connecting an unrelated religious question to the current event.
  • ● Liturgical Sermons – Sermons explaining the rituals.
  • ● Redemptive Historical Sermons – Explaining the context of a text related to history of salvation as per the bible.

Importance of Sermon

  • ● Helps with self-forgetfulness.
  • ● Refills our faith
  • ● Grow & evolve in grace
  • ● Get equipped
  • ● Connecting with Jesus
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