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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Thai Transcription Services

Thai transcription services are helpful for corporate and business firms and beneficial to education, media, medical, and other domains that function with global establishments. The demand for professional Thai language transcription is vast, as the quality expectation is high. This standard can be met only by a certified Thai transcription company with years of experience in the industry. At Scripts Complete, we offer services at a competitive rate of $5/min. Dial 1-800-230-7918 to speak with our customer support team.

We also provide

✓ Thai to French transcription

Thai to Chinese transcription

✓ Thai to Italian transcription

✓ Thai to Portuguese transcription

✓ Thai to Spanish transcription

✓ Thai to Australian transcription and more

An Easy Route to Procure Thai Transcription Services

Thai is the national language of Thailand and has a large group of native speakers who are very dominant in their ethnic and religious beliefs. Thai is a member of the Tai group and Tai-Kadai family. Thai is a language that borrows its languages from Sanskrit, Pali and Old Khmer. Thai is known as an analytical and a tonal language with about 56 million native speakers and 20 million secondary speakers. We at Scripts Complete provide excellent Thai to English Transcription services. Here our Thai transcribers are completely native and fluent in the language.

Whether it is audio transcription, video transcription or document Transcription, we provide customised options as per customer requirements. Our special Audio to Text Transcription service will help with corporates work with multiple international companies without worrying about taking notes of the conversion. Whether it is a finance meeting or a business seminar, our Thai transcription services make sure to transcribe whatever is being heard or seen into text formats making it accessible to the entire world. When business are being handled in different countries, transcription can help with accessibility and availability of content. We at Scripts Complete provide accurate services with great and quick turnaround time.


Thai To English Transcription Service

To proudly take the opportunity of providing quality, Thai audio transcription, Scripts Complete offers exceptional services in the industry. We are one of the leading Thai to English transcription service providers offering all types of Thai audio transcribing.

Our range of transcription services in Thai language includes:

✓ Thai audio transcription

✓ Thai video transcription

✓ Thai interview transcription

✓ Thai legal transcription

✓ Thai qualitative research transcription

✓ Thai television transcription

✓ Thai translation transcription

✓ Thai audio books transcription

✓ Thai script transcription

✓ Thai voice transcription

✓ Thai movie transcription

For more information about Scripts Complete contact us TOLL FREE 1-800-230-7918 or you can use our online LIVE chat service at the bottom of the page click on CHAT NOW.

We provide fast and quality services for any types of Thai language transcription. If you are looking for professionals who can meet your requirements, then we will be you the right choice of service provider for you.

We provide online transcription services in USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, India, Singapore, Malaysia and around the world. We accept all formats of audio and video files, such as; AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, RA, FLAC, APE, AIFF, OGG, AAC and more.

Bridging Cultures: The Significance of Thai Transcription Services in the U.S.

In the melting pot of the United States, the Thai language represents a vibrant thread in the cultural tapestry. With significant milestones stretching back over decades, Thai has carved its niche within the American linguistic landscape. As of the latest census in 2020, approximately 300,000 U.S. residents speak Thai, accounting for a modest but significant 0.09% of the population. This demographic is diverse, comprising roughly 51% female and 49% male speakers, with a broad age range that underscores the language's cross-generational appeal. Key historical moments include the establishment of the first Thai temple in the U.S. in 1965, the exponential growth of Thai restaurants in the 1980s as a gateway to cultural exchange, and the inclusion of Thai in educational curricula in the 1990s. Such milestones highlight the language's enduring relevance, with industries ranging from culinary arts to digital media standing to benefit from Thai transcription services.

Thai transcription services in the United States are not just a linguistic necessity; they are a bridge connecting communities, fostering understanding, and facilitating communication. These services cater to a wide audience, including legal professionals, healthcare providers, academic researchers, and families wishing to preserve oral histories. In a country where multicultural interactions are commonplace, Thai transcription serves as an essential tool for ensuring that no voice goes unheard, making it indispensable for both professional engagements and personal connections. By converting spoken language into written form, Thai transcription enables accurate record-keeping, eases the sharing of knowledge and heritage, and supports the legal and medical sectors by providing precise documentation. This not only enhances accessibility and inclusivity but also bolsters cultural preservation and the sharing of Thai culture with broader audiences.

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