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People think of philosophy as a way to live life or as a theory or concept to follow. Some of us also believe it is a wish or a belief. But the truth is philosophy is an activity that makes you think in a different way. It is an activity of thoughts. It is considered the most basic ingredient of critical thinking.

People often confuse philosophy with its end product. A person is a philosopher and the thoughts he/ she is presenting to the world are just thoughts. A philosopher enacts philosophy. Philosophy can’t be forced on someone. It is a personal choice and preference. By so far, philosophy is related to the way of life, a form of thinking that can guide and affect your actions.

This is a type of thinking which is critical and comprehensive. In this intellectual process of thoughts, people are supposed to solve the critical and comprehensive life problems like resolving confusion, distinguishing importance, looking for reasons, developing imagination, enriching understanding, revealing presuppositions, questioning concepts, correcting distortions, controlling emotions, synthesizing knowledge, dispelling ignorance, testing positions, exploring values, expanding horizons, examining world views, unmasking assumptions, broadening experience, widening considerations, fixing beliefs, questing for wisdom, and establishing the habit of acting.

Culture, beliefs, and tradition are some of the major reasons that affect the philosophy of a person. A philosopher processes the beliefs it has given as a child and reacts to it either by criticizing it or by building his/ her thoughts over what has already come. These differing needs and wants of philosophy are something that needs to be shared with the entire world.

Philosophy should come with language barriers as they are the basis of thinking and cultural or traditional differences are not only affecting the way people of a particular region think but are also not recommended for philosophers and its study.

Maximum of the philosophical thoughts are shared in form of speeches, lectures, or in public places addressing hundreds of individuals. Now, recording them and converting these spoken words into transcripts will be beneficial for everyone regardless of their culture, tradition, beliefs, and the language they speak. There are academic transcription services that are specifically designed for transcribing philosophy.

Why Philosophy Is Relevant?

Philosophy is a very important part of our lives. It is such an important thing to learn and also has its relevance. UNESCO, in 2002 made November 16th the World Philosophy Day, an attempt to raise awareness on the values philosophy has to offer. A few of the reasons making philosophy relevant includes:

  • All the lengthy problems that we face in our life requires critical thinking and problem-solving thoughts that can be easy to reach out to if you are a follower of philosophy. This is possible because philosophy is the foundation of critical thinking.
  • People believe in science heavily these days. But that cannot neglect the value of this ancient subject. Like any other field, science also has its limits. It can’t give answers to everything. Even in the present, there are so many things getting popular that science can’t answer.
  • There is no other subject than philosophy that can guide your brain for systematic thoughts, analyzing problems, and finding critical solutions in minutes. These basic philosophy skills can be applied both at the personal level or at the professional level.
Why Study Philosophy?

The top reasons why one should study philosophy are as given below:

  • Does it answer your intellectual curiosity questions like what is the world like? Who am I? what am I here for? and so on.
  • It will increase your interest in cultural and intellectual history as it unfolds each layer of the past related to a particular philosophy.
  • There is no better tool than the philosophy for sharpening the thinking skills that can guide you to make difficult decisions quickly and correctly.
  • It is also responsible for improving your writing skills as it demands a high level of precision and clarity.

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