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A significant amount of podcast listeners prefer reading the transcripts for quick takeaways.

Text is the key to make podcasts productive !!!!!!!!!!

Delivering the content or product on most number of platforms can help your business expand and reach a wider spectrum of prospects. And if you are one of them struggling with your podcast episodes, it becomes imperative to make the content discoverable and accessible. Hence, you need to add a higher degree of value to every episode with the podcast transcription. 
But, do you know the immense significance of choosing podcast transcription services to boost the audience reach? If you want to learn further, here’s presenting the list of benefits:

Enhancing UX or User Experience 

You give the user an added convenience by offering transcription. The transcript makes the content available to the audience while listening to episodes that don’t seem convenient at all times. It caters to multiple preferences that people have regarding content consumption. 
Some individuals read along the entire audio to process information properly, while others prefer reading together. All in all, transcription enables listeners to refer back to the statistics conveniently and take in-depth notes of information, thereby improving UX. 

Reach a Diverse Range of Audiences

You can use podcast transcription services for scripts. When you capture audiences’ attention through quality transcription, it prevents discrimination or lawsuits from the audience (especially those who stay excluded as the podcast doesn’t transcribe the show and offer access). 
In addition to expanding your reach, you can also repurpose your valuable content. Choosing such a service will open new avenues for growing the number of audiences by enabling the use of podcasts on other significant platforms. 

Enhances SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search engines do not crawl the audio or produce a result with the podcast. In that respect, there’s no real SEO value in posting audios. So, transcribing the podcast allows for the long tail SEO, thereby reaching the most common search terms to the niche phrases. It puts the content of the podcast in a higher discoverable position. As an end result, the long tail phrases drive more traffic, listeners, and thus more revenue gets generated.
Transcribing the podcast also increases discoverability – in short, internet search ability. As the internet is the modern wonder, it categorizes, searches, stores, and retrieves information speedily. That’s amazing! So, the content created from transcripts will be more for enhancing search engine optimization (SEO).

Promotes Inclusivity

Podcasts, being an audio-centric industry, has become popular these days. So, it means that multiple people who don’t partake in content can choose it. Individuals who are deaf can also have access to it. When the content is available in more than a single form, it creates space for diverse and expanded number of audiences. Not just that, it also establishes the brand with a focus on inclusivity.

Creating an inclusive platform via the podcast will greatly impact building loyalty from the audiences’ end. In addition to this, it will get people to engage in your content too.

Would you still not transcribe your podcasts?

Audio transcriptions of episodes have multiple uses. But if you are experiencing challenges in initiating your podcast, having the text file of the podcast episode allows the search engines to crawl more information. On this note, partnering with a professional podcast transcription service makes sense. If you want to choose podcast transcripts crafted to perfection, Scripts Complete brings unmatched services for you.

Why does your law firm need legal transcription services?

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