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Writing transcripts for audios and videos are of great benefit in many ways. Transcription services can help you reach a greater number of people over the internet and become digitally successful. It can also boost SEO, make it easy for people to access your audios/videos in different situations, and make the internet way more convenient.

As per a study by Liveclicker, an average of 16% more revenue was generated by the web pages with transcripts compared to the ones without it. The same happened with the famous radio show This American Life (TAL). They transcribed all their audios and made transcripts available online. It increased their overall inbound traffic by great numbers.

These numbers are enough to explain how transcripts can benefit your website or business. But it can also benefit your customers by making the internet more accessible.

Benefits of Transcripts for Individuals and Businesses

Hard of Hearing

 Around 15% of Americans aged 18 or more have some kind of trouble hearing. Adding transcripts of the audio tracks or videos online can end up being a win-win situation. If you start considering these individuals and making the transcripts available for them to consume your content, it will make them feel comfortable and improve your content reach.

Having transcripts of audio tracks or captions of video content reach larger groups of individuals let them consume and enjoy the content. Transcripts make it possible for hard of hearing to dig into the audio/video transcripts and understand the context correctly.

Visually Impaired 

Transcripts are also helpful for visually impaired individuals. A combination of audio and text makes it easy for hearing or vision impaired individuals to utilize the service with the help of accessibility tools like magnification systems.

Most visually impaired people find it easy to navigate through text and later on listen to the audio for taking notes. The conclusion here is to have the right support measures along with other tools that can help users navigate easily.

Slow Internet

 Slow internet connection makes it inconvenient to the users to access the online videos. Present websites contain a lot of elements that require more data to deliver a quality experience. However, for people with slow internet, the time taken to load textual content is a lot quicker than loading audio/video.

Most parts of the globe still do not have access to great internet connection. This being a reason, a lot of such mobile internet users prefer reading over listening to audio files. Also, in cases where audio/video files face access issues on websites, text information is the solution to it.

Ideas for Using Language Transcription Services for Maximum Benefits

  • Writing a blog post summarizing all the important takeaways from your audio/video.
  • Publishing an e-book taking the key findings from several related audios/videos.
  • Quotes from the video/audio for making shareable graphics.
  • Making infographics based on the statistics mentioned in the audio/video.
  • Creating PDF, explaining your video/audio.

If you are looking for professional transcription services, reach out to Scripts Complete as we have the best-customized offers depending upon your needs with the lowest rates and super rush delivery.

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