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Transcription encompasses video or audio that demands to get typed in a document. Quintessential projects ranging in this category involve seminars, focus groups, conferences, workshops, conference calls, podcasts, movies, series, court proceedings, training sessions & so on. 
Depending on the project requirement, the expert transcriber completes the task efficiently, accurately, and quickly. As a fresher in the industry, one can look for the following career opportunities concerning transcription jobs.

Do you want to transcribe and make money while at home?

1. Transcribe Me

Remote working gets a new meaning for transcribers at Transcribe Me. Candidates require filling out the application form in order to complete an examination and training course. Successful aspirants get contacted within two days.
Someone who fails to accomplish success can reappear for the test after 24 hours. Transcribe Me offers excellent remuneration even to beginners. 

2. Rev

This established transcription firm provides an opportunity to transcribe from the comfort of the house. With their in-house transcription tool, there’s no need for downloading other software to work. 
Depending on the speed and experience, the earnings vary in terms of payments per hour. After successfully enrolling for its application process, a grammar test is mandatory alongside some sample transcription.

3. Scribie

The knowledgeable team of Scribie hires both experienced and beginner transcribers. This offers a solid chance to build a career in this industry with remote working solutions. Scribie conducts a test where applicants need to qualify and get a certification. Only then will they get hired as a Scribie professional with payment discussed per audio hour. 

4. Daily Transcription

Transcription beginners receive a warm welcome from the deft team of Daily Transcription. Appointment letters get sent to newbies having accuracy and speed.
 Daily Transcription offers practice jobs and training videos to help you get the required transcription proficiency.

5. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is a 1989-established transcription company that seeks aspirants with expertise and skills in the field. The foundation starts after the applicant applies for the process. It encompasses passing around 3-5 minutes of tests. 
The ones who secure a passing mark will qualify for the job. Tigerfish’s recruitment is not open for always. So, prospective transcribers are required to keep checking the website. 

6. Transcription Hub

An organization that’s happy to offer a beginning point to freshers is Transcription Hub. After they complete the evaluation process, enthusiasts will get evaluated at a silver, gold, or bronze rating. The ratings determine what work they are capable of performing. You can join the team of Transcription Hub by sitting for their unpaid examination.

7. Speechpad

SpeechPad (referred to SpeechInk) happens to be the video captioning and audio transcription website hiring globally. The transcription projects get performed on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Alternatively, professionals make the right use of the SpeechPad Job Board. 
A majority of work covers the insurance company interviews. It allows candidates to proceed with a straightforward signup procedure that takes around 5 minutes. The transcriber must pass an array of qualification tests to get qualified for receiving the appointment letter.

8. Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink hires English Language transcribers that are US-based. The deft professionals at Verbal Ink have open positions for medical, academic, market research, and legal transcriptions. 
Prospective transcribers require having a solid command of the English Language. Additionally, they must be familiar with comprehensive computer programming language and should be savvy at meeting deadlines.

9. eTranscription Solutions

eTranscription Solutions significantly aims at general transcription, including medical, financial, as well as market research. Professionals who get hired at eTranscription should be able to type 80 WPM. 
In addition, they must have expertise and experience in typing a multitude of voices with excellent punctuation and grammar skills. More to add, they must meet deadlines and perform some basic and quintessential web research.

10. Cyber Dictate

In the transcription industry, the fame of Cyber Dictate stays unaltered having general transcription for US-based transcribers only. Software and equipment that get required before testing includes a foot pedal, headset, transcription software, and more. 
The professionals must be able to read DS2, DSS, MP3, WAV, WMV, DVI audio files. In addition to this, they must have MPEG and AVI reading capabilities, Corel WordPerfect, and Microsoft Word.

11. Accutran Global

AccuTran Global turns out to be a Canadian-based transcription company that hires professionals across the globe. One can get at-home transcription jobs, provided they require in-depth insight into medical, legal, and financial transcription. 
AccuTran has an excellent pay scale, and they pay on the basis of words. The company has strict deadlines and guidelines that transcribers must adhere to.

12. GRM Transcription

GRM Transcription happens to be a 2004-established company hiring entry-level transcribers. One must pass the transcription entrance examination in order to get qualified for the position. 
The company offers flexible hours. Professionals require committing to taking a minimum of 4 hours of audio every single week. 

13. Casting Words

Ever since 2005, Casting Words is dedicated at offering transcription services. The company has open positions for prospective transcribers around the globe. Their work is also flexible. The fact that the audio files of Casting Words are short is no denying. 
Although their rate is not that high, it’s justifiable to learn industry-based skills to become a professional. The company also has a bonus program rewarding the best in-house performers. With superior performance, you may get the editing opportunities to make greater strides.

14. Appen Global

Appen Global has not only remote transcription jobs but also data entry jobs. The company is regarded for hiring general transcribers on the basis of remote working. This is a great place for beginners to start with.
They must have simple transcription tests taken prior to assigning the assignments after you join. You require committing ten hours every week once you get hired. If you call yourself a multilingual speaker, it’s just an added advantage for you here. You get more work, so your earning figure is more.

15. Go Transcript

Go Transcript does not need transcribers to have any prior transcription experience, and they accept from across the world. 
They look for great English skills in their transcribers. Their timings are so flexible that they give 10 hours to transcribe 10 minutes of audio. 

How to make transcribing comfortable?

As you get hired at a transcription company, it’s imperative to follow specific parameters. 
1. Touch-type learning process is an excellent way to emerge and rise as a profession. 

2. You can invest in decent ear accessories for superior sound quality and clarity of speech. 

3. While working, ensure that you maintain consistent accuracy.

4. Above all, ensure that you are a passionate transcriber.

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