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English the most widely-spoken language in the world. There are over 400 million people who speak English natively and an estimated 600 million people consider English as their second language. With these statistics alone, you can already conclude why English transcription services are highly important in business.

In business, English is also the language of choice. From internal communications, official business correspondence, telephone conversations, conferences, meetings, e-mail response, etc., English is used. If you are a start-up company who is planning for global expansion, you may want to consider English transcription service.

As an online service, it can help your company to enhance communication. And with millions of people speaking English, you do not want to miss the opportunity of engaging these potential customers. But before you dive any further, it is important to choose the best certified English transcription company for your business.

How to Choose English Transcription Companies

When it comes to English transcription services, there is no shortage of providers online. In fact, there are thousands of options available for you. But the most difficult part is selecting the best one that will match your needs.

There are many scams online who will take advantage of you and take away your money. Worst, they will disappear with your confidential files in tow. That is a disaster! There are many horror stories of people paying for certified English transcription with no result at all.

Outlined below are some of the handy tips/questions you can use when searching for English transcription companies:

1. Are the transcribers selected for experience and qualifications?

For a new customer like you, it is important to ask whether the transcriber has the necessary skills and expertise. You should ask the transcription company for the qualification of their transcriber. Never settle for an English transcription company whose personnel has less than 5 years of experience. This is a big NO!

2. Do they offer a guarantee for their service?

One good metric for a transcription company is the guarantee of service. If they are confident in what they do, then they will never be afraid to give assurance to customers. Reputable providers of English transcription services have a money-back guarantee to protect the interest of its customers. With the guarantee in place, you will have peace of mind that the result they will provide to you is accurate.

3. Do they offer affordable English transcription rates?

This can be a little tricky. Of course, you want to get the cheapest English transcription rates, right? The answer is NO! Some companies entice their customers with unrealistic cheap rates but at the expense of quality! Better find a transcription company who will offer reasonable rates without compromising quality. Just because it’s cheap it also means the best!

Get Started With English Transcription Audio

If you need premium quality English transcription audio, then you’ve come to the right place. Get started with English transcription services by uploading your files. It’s time to conquer the bulk of market share by using transcription services.

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