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Customer Story


Andrew Montel, , Operations Manager

As an operations manager working with international clients, we often find difficulty trying to figure out numerous digital data, as well as audio and video recordings of our customers and business partners. In the travel and recreations industry, we need to be updated on the latest trends and technologies in communication and information to ensure the smooth flow of our operations.

With a growing portfolio of clients, we saw huge volumes of audio and video recordings from telephone conversations, recorded interactions, videos and a whole lot more that needed transcription so we can organize the data and filter the ones for processing and documentation, to do all this within our estimated cost was holding us back.

I came across scriptscomplete service and wanted to give it a try. I was truly amazed because it only took me a few minutes to complete the order, better yet, it was delivered on time. Very good quality and price. We will continue to keep coming back for more.