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There could be several reasons someone might need something transcribed, but what does “transcribe” mean? What are the advantages of transcription, and who is responsible for transcription? How much does transcribing cost? & How do I locate the best transcribing service? Keep reading to learn everything about transcription.

What Does Transcription Mean?

In simple words, transcription is converting a video or an audio recording of an important matter or speech into an accessible text format.

Recordings that can be transcribed
  • Meetings for business
  • Interviews with journalists
  • Doctors’ and other healthcare practitioners’ notes
  • Attorney notes, court hearings, and legal cases
  • Seminars, talks, and events
  • Podcasts

Thanks to technological advancements, nowadays, almost everything can be recorded. A smartphone or conferencing software is frequently used to do this. We can acquire a recording of a discussion with the press of a button. Before the internet, your options for transcribing were limited. You could do it personally by repeatedly pushing “start” and “stop” on a cassette recorder while trying to catch what was spoken. Alternatively, you may have used a transcribing service. From the 1970s until around 2000, you delivered a cassette player, floppy disc, or CD of the clip to the transcriber, and they provided the transcription a few days later.
Transcription online services have grown in tandem with technological advancements. Recordings may now be created in several media types and then transferred electronically, where they are picked up and transcribed by a transcriber. After that, the finished document is uploaded to the cloud, and the customer is notified that their transcription is ready.

What is the difference between transcribe and transcription?

Transcribe means to change one representation of language into another, usually speech but also sign language, etc. It mainly refers to the process of a human transcriber turning voice to text with the help of computer software for word processing and, in some instances, speech recognition, which is the process of a technology comprehending voice and translating it to text. On the other hand, transcription is the action or method to transcribe a recording. Outside of academia, typical instances of transcriptions include the sessions of a court hearing, such as a criminal trial (transcribed by the court reporter) or a physician’s audios (medical transcription), etc.

How can I transcribe audio to text for free?

Microsoft Word can assist you in transcribing your audio for free. It contains a transcribe function that can transcribe your .mp3, .wav, or .mp4 audio recordings. Here you can get free audio to text transcription services; you can record your audio directly in Word for the web or upload voice recording files and instantly transcribe them. It can distinguish between distinct speakers in a recording and even timestamps your transcription so you can quickly replay the sections of the audio file you need to change. But be aware these software-based free transcriptions are not accurate. To get the cheapest transcription service, contact Scripts Complete.

How can I transcribe a video for free?

Several free, open-source tools are available for free video transcription that may be utilized directly from your internet browser. They feature a simple interface that allows you to operate both the video player and the word processor in the same frame, eliminating the need to switch tabs to start and stop the recording. You can manage anything with your keyboard, and active timestamps make it easier to traverse the transcript. Upload an audio-visual file or input a YouTube video link to get started. While using free transcription services, you need to remember that they are not accurate, and there could be some mistakes. For accurate low-budget transcription service, contact Scripts Complete.

What are the best transcription services in the USA?

Scripts Complete is one of the best-recognized transcription companies in the USA. The transcription agency has a team of experienced native transcribers and offers top-notch accuracy and speedy turnaround times at a reasonable price. Whether you choose to transcribe video or audio, we simplify the process. Upload the files that need to be transcript from your mobile or computer. One of our approved native transcribers will then take up the task. And after the transcription is done, you’ll get a notification. So, are you ready to transcribe your audio/video with Scripts Complete? You may discover more about transcribing and what it includes on our site. Please request a free quote to talk to our customer service executive.

Transcription services rate per hour, per minute, per page

The regular charges for a professional human transcriber run from 1.5 to 3 US dollars every audio minute (90-180 US dollars per audio hour), based on the audio quality, number of speakers, and accents in the audio file to be transcribed. These rates can grow for complex projects with difficult audio (noise in the background, inaudible words, and more than one communicator with a different accent). You can request a free quote to get an accurate and cheap transcription service and know the exact pricing according to your requirements.

Whether you belong to a legal or educational business, getting your audio or video transcribed will add so much efficiency to your work. It will reduce the turnaround time, raise your content’s value, improve employee engagement, and make your content more accessible. Scripts Complete is an expert in all sectors, from legal transcription services to healthcare transcription services, from academic transcription services to movie transcription services. Get in touch to get your audio or video transcribed.

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