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Making it to the top of the German transcription services business is not an easy job. It requires commitment, integrity, and most of all a unique sense of business acumen. Our company did just that.

We did not magically climb our way to the top. There are no secret recipes for our success. However, we have satisfied customers that can testify as to why we are the best in the German transcription services.

We are able to do it by embracing a unique sense of business culture. One that is built on the quality of the highest level. We believe that by imposing such high levels of quality and achieve it on a consistent basis, we should be able to attract more clients. And that is exactly what happened.

High-Quality German Transcription Minus the cutthroat price

There are two prevalent business models when it comes to German transcription services. One offers sub-par quality with a very cheap price tag. The other is by imposing steep price rates for high-quality output. For our German transcription services, we decided to create a new trend and embrace a completely new business approach.

Our business is built on the reputation of impeccable quality and very competitive pricing. By combining these two unlikely factors, we were able to attract customers. The unrivaled quality of our outputs also increases our chance to do repeat business. We believe that happy and satisfied customers are the best type of customers.

The quality of our German transcription services stems from two particular factor. First, our transcription pool is composed of more than 800 native speakers. We make sure to use native speakers for every project in order to maintain a consistent level of accuracy and quality. Second, we have a dedicated team of quality checkers making sure that every output that comes out of our doors achieve the high levels of quality that we impose.

German Transcription Services with a great rate and fast turnaround time

Our German to English transcription rate starts at $0.99 per minute. That is our flat rate, with no hidden charges and fine print obligations. Our pricing is very competitive and significantly lower compared to those of other German transcription companies.

As for turnaround time, we have a standard 24-hour duration. While this is the standard that we offer to all our customers, we always beat that deadline by several hours every time. If you need a much faster turnaround time, take advantage of our rush and super rush services which are regarded as the fastest in the business.

Aside from standard German transcription services, we also offer German audio transcription. Check our website and you will get a free quote upfront for your particular project.


Our company is regarded as one of the best German transcription companies out there. Our unrivaled quality, fast turnaround time, and affordable pricing scheme are what keeps us on top of the industry. We are confident that we can provide you with the best transcription services that you will never find elsewhere.

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