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Looking for the best Spanish transcription services is a difficult and daunting job. Many transcription firms have popped up in recent years, and the growing influence of the Internet have made the competition even harder.

Building a great transcription company cannot be done overnight. It has to be built on experience, integrity, and commitment to bring only the best service to the clients. While this might be a difficult job for some, it is exactly what motivates us to be better than the completion.

What makes us the best Spanish transcription company?

Quality is the main driver of our motivation. Quality is what dictates us to make the best out of our pool of transcribers. For us, providing the best quality output to customers is the greatest way to build a confident relation with them.

The quality of our Spanish transcription services centers on the fact that we have a pool of more than 800 native transcribers. The diversity of our transcription division is backed by the fact that we support more than 100 languages, and Spanish is just one of the most opted languages by our clients.

We have provided thousands of hours of Spanish transcription services to more than 60,000 satisfied customers. All of them can back up our claim of impressive and unrivaled quality outputs.

Spanish Transcription with Unrivaled Turnaround Time

We see time as a valuable resource. Something that cannot be bought or turned back. With this in mind, we have created an unrivaled turnaround time that has never been seen in the industry before. While we do set the standard turnaround at 24-hours, we have consistently beat that schedule and submit every outputs hour ahead of the agreed upon time.

If the standard turnaround time for our Spanish to English transcription is not fast enough for your need, try our rush and super rush services. Upload your files and we will have your output in 2 hours.

Spanish Transcription services and rates

Our Spanish transcription division also does Spanish audio transcription. We support all file formats. In order to provide customers with the best transcription service, we provide 5 minutes of the free trial. This is our way of allowing new and potential customers to gauge the quality of our work without the commitment involved in the process.

Most Spanish transcription companies would say that with great quality comes a hefty price. Such is not the case with our Spanish transcription rates. Our transcription rate is lower than the generally accepted standard, and we offer interesting discounts for new customers, repeat business, and loyalty awards.

Our transcription rate starts at $0.99 per minute. No questions asked. No fine print involved.


If you are looking for the best Spanish transcription services, then you came to the right place. We have the quality that no other companies even dare to equal. Our price speaks for our commitment to our clients and exudes our philosophy that high-quality outputs should not come with a steep price.

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