Different Types of Letter Transcription Services

Are you into the staffing industry or managing a global organization’s HR department? Then, you require secure & confidential interview transcription services. Before you commence your search for a company offering letter transcription services, it is imperative to know the scope of the service. So, scroll down and have a look:-

Resignation Letter Transcription

Resignation letter writing isn’t easy, especially if English is your first language or sometimes due to personal issues; employees send voice-recorded resignation when they are in any other part of the word. This is where the resigner letter transcribers come into play; they have vast experience in this particular field to professionally format the letter of resignation. It cannot be a formal conversation between two individuals. The transcriber will thoroughly listen to the audio or video content multiple times and then draft the copy to ensure there is no even the minutest possibility of human error; further, they have an editor in their team to ensure that.

Offer Letter Transcription 

Another type of letter transcription service covers the offer letters. A transcriber who has professional expertise in the HR vertical will transcribe the video or audio content into a business offer to the employee. This service is highly beneficial for a big enterprise with thousands of employees spread across the globe, at multiple business offices, or to startups with a proper HR department for onboarding the candidates. 

Client Letters Transcription

Third, on the list is the client letter transcription. If your clients have sent you a video or audio of appreciation for your quality of services and how your team helps them achieve their goals, you need to promote them to drive more clients. The best way is to share the case study from the client’s view by transcribing the client’s appreciation. However, this is not as easy as you might perceive; only an experienced professional knows how to craft an engaging story by tweaking the audio or video content and getting rid of fluffy information that carries no weightage.

Proposal Letters Transcription

Up next is the proposal letter transcription. If your in-house team, in collaboration with the sales team, has made an offer through detailed discussion, you need to transcribe in a written format before sending it to your client, and this is what the proposal letter transcript is all about. 

Reference Letters Transcription

Finally, the reference letter transcription involves the transcription of the reference, which the employee or client gives.

In the end, do comprehensive research to find a credible letter transcription services company to accurately transcribe the HR and business documents with a zero scope of error. You can seek your known advice in the business circle to help you out.

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