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Legal transcription is the process of creating a written, word-for-word legal document from pre-recorded video or audio files by an experienced transcriptionist or voice-recognition software.

Recording proceedings in the legal world is critical, but scanning through all the video and audio file recordings manually for important details for referencing can be pretty time-consuming. Legal transcription is a game-changer, helping transform all this information into documents that are easy to read, organize, search, store, and transport.

Who Needs Legal Transcription Services?

Law firms, judges, private investigators, law enforcement officers, paralegals, insurance companies, and other professionals in the legal field usually have an enormous scope of documents and information from different points of time to review. There are interviews, wiretaps, conferences, statements, contracts, depositions, testimonies, affidavits, 911 calls, court hearings, and other legal correspondence documents to review.

Given how sensitive and critical legal documents are, it is of utmost importance that the legal transcription work is handled by a highly qualified and experienced professional. This ensures precision, accuracy, and completeness in the transcripts are retained. These transcripts are used for future evidence and several other purposes, including submission as evidence to support a case in court proceedings.

How Much Does Legal Transcription Pay?

A legal transcriptionist earns about $66,710 on average. Your skill level, experience, and the ability to produce flawless transcriptions affect your earning potential. By establishing a strong customer base whom you have given the best services, you will be able to convince other businesses and individuals to use your transcription services. With time you will be able to increase the amount you charge for your transcription services.

What Do You Do Legal Transcription For?

Legal transcription transforms legal information from spoken to written text, either on paper or digital. This information comes from recordings of legal proceedings, wiretaps, arbitration, affidavits, witness statements, contracts, agreements, medical reports, and other legal documents used in court proceedings, law classes, or other legal purposes.

You can be approached by any legal employees such as paralegals, attorneys, etc. to get legal transcription services. 

Types of Legal Transcription Services

1. Certified Court Transcription- This refers to the creation of a written record of court hearings and trials by a professional certified by the relevant government entity. This written record allows for easy reference, which is beneficial to the court, parties to a case, and any other person with a legitimate interest in the matters before the court.

2. Legal Dictation Transcription- This is when all spoken word in legal proceedings is captured and converted into a legal, text format document that can be presented as evidence in a court of law.

3. Certified Recording Transcription- Certified recording transcription provides a true and accurate representation of video and audio recordings certified by a third party for official, legal, and academic purposes. A certified transcript adds the assurance that the transcript is accurate, complete, and reliable.

4. Academic-Legal Transcription- The service focuses on providing accurate and reliable transcripts from legal proceedings or academic proceedings like lectures. These are used in court proceedings, classroom instruction, student reviews, and appeals.

5. Medico-Legal Transcription- This transcription service provides medical record transcripts for legal proceedings. These transcripts can be used as witness testimony or help lawyers with the evidence needed to build personal injury, insurance, or malpractice cases for court proceedings.

6. Forensic Transcription- Forensic transcription entails the creation of a clear, written record of video and audio files from police interrogations, court proceedings, and other law enforcement investigators. These are crucial in identifying potential suspects and establishing evidence.

Benefits of Legal Transcription

Precision and Accuracy

Legal transcriptionists are both linguists and legal terminology experts. This qualification guarantees that they handle legal documents with accuracy and precision, which is especially important where the documents will be submitted as evidence in legal proceedings like depositions and court hearings.

Fast Turnaround

Most professional transcriptionists will have the legal transcripts ready in 24 hours, with others offering a fast and super-fast turnaround time on documents needed urgently. This is very helpful where legal documents require prompt submission in court or are required urgently for review.


Professional transcriptionists handle legal transcription services, which means they can get tasks done in the shortest time possible, mostly 24 hours. Legal transcription helps save you incredible amounts of time that you would otherwise spend listening through video and audio files for snippets of information. They help improve the overall office workflow and save time by freeing up the office staff to focus on other important tasks at the office.

Easy Reference

Legal transcripts offer written documentation of video and audio records, word for word, via AI-powered machine technology or human transcribers essential for legal proceedings. Legal practitioners handle multiple cases each day, so they need a legal transcriptionist to keep track and make sense of all the summons, testimonies, proceedings, etc. They help create a legal record and make it easy to scan documents and reference a case without confusion.

Security and Confidentiality

Legal documents contain personal and highly confidential material, from depositions and letters to complex litigations. There is little room for errors and inaccuracy, given legal documents’ critical, life-effective nature. Legal transcription experts understand this and focus on providing safe and secure uploading, allocation, management, and delivery system.

Who besides the legal profession requires transcription work done?

Transcription service is in high demand in various industries. Although legal firms most commonly use the service, it is also widely used in other sectors such as academic, mainstream media, medical, business, financial, construction, science & research


Most of today’s transcription works are done online and without the need to step foot into a law office. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been forced to rethink their way of interacting and doing business. As a result, most of today’s transcription works are done online without stepping foot into a law office. This means that it is easy to get professional transcription services at affordable rates even as you observe social distancing and other measures enacted due to the pandemic with just a click of a button.

Scripts Complete provides 100% human transcription services to assure high quality and contextual accuracy. Get in touch with our team for the best professional legal transcription services now!

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