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Needs of a Business in this Digital Age

Since the internet has established, the furor around data security has persisted. This is a big issue for companies and organizations across every industry. Data concerning suppliers, consumers, employees, mode of operation, and managerial procedures must be protected from third-party eyes. Any breach in private, secure & confidential data can have huge and unforgiving implications for your business.

As the digital age roars on, your business is afforded an opportunity to scale without necessarily employing staff for every operation. You can always outsource certain tasks to specific transcription services provider. As cost-effective as this is, it exposes you to incidences of a data breach with them. When selecting a transcription company for your firm, it is important that you hold them to stringent data security measures.

Possible Ways to Secure Your Transcription Data

Although most transcription services provider already have their own data management procedures to prevent breaches, the onus lies on you to make the right choices and hold them to appropriate standards. An important step will be reviewing your security policies to ensure that they are not only airtight but also built with third party service providers in mind.

Before sending out any data to an audio transcription services provider, it is critical that you take measures to protect it yourself. Quality Application firewalls and database monitoring gateways should be used to safeguard your data and prevent vulnerabilities or abuse. With your end firmly secured, it is pertinent that you find a transcription company with similar values that go out of their way to secure your data.

Choosing the Right Transcription Company

Every transcription services provider is sure to have their own in-house policies as it concerns client data management and security. Evaluating this security policy – and how well it is enforced – will help you select language transcription services that maintains your desired security standards. Here are some particular considerations that could aid your selection.

  • File Transfer:

    Avoid major data breaches during the online file transfer process by using a secure & confidential file transfer protocol. Browser-based drop box, 256-bit encryption, and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are just some of these means. Your ideal transcription company is flexible enough to allow a secure method that you are most comfortable with.

  • Employee NDA:

    Your language transcription services provider should have each employee sign a confidentiality agreement that ensures your data remains confidential.

  • Data Storage Security:

    Go with a company that is big on secure data storage. Their servers should be protected against malicious hacks by impenetrable firewalls and layers of security. This firewall infrastructure must be of the latest standards.

  • Computer Protection:

    Computer systems should have serious and robust firewall protection to prevent a data As per company policy, external drives such as USB and floppy disks should be disallowed in the workplace to prevent employees from copying out private data.

With the security measures in place, it is still important that you find a company with qualified transcriptionists who churn out only flawless audio transcription services. Yes, you can still maintain your privacy policy and high-security standards even when hiring a third-party transcription service provider.

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