Academic transcription is the process of converting an audio or video format into a readable text. It is having a digital medium in a tangible form. Typically, the transcription of academic inputs involve documents and formats relating to educational and research purposes. There are a few important aspects to be known beforehand about academic transcription services that one must understand prior to an order.


There are some common transcription services pertaining to educational and academic needs. These are namely:

  • Lecture transcription Services
  • Interview transcription Services
  • Focus group transcription Services
  • Certificate transcription Services
  • Seminar transcription Services
  • Grants transcription Services
  • Dissertation transcription Services
  • Degree transcription Services
  • And, other academic research transcription services respectively.

These services mentioned above are some of the common ones; however, there may be other types of educational transcription works such as USCIS transcriptions, notes transcriptions, project transcriptions, etc. and the rates vary upon various constraints.

Typically, there are 2 major modes of processing this transcription work: Automated and Manual academic transcription services. Automated transcription is when an online platform or a digital media converts your media files into a transcript. Manual transcription is when a real person processes your conversion procedures, as per your educational needs. But looking into both, considering a quick delivery, you can rely upon automated transcriptions whereas when you are very much concerned about the quality and accuracy of the transcript, then you should go for manual transcription services.

The speed of delivery from an automated software’s academic transcript is quickest, as there is only plain conversion by the machine, leaving behind aspects like reliability and accuracy. Manual transcription provider, (even though they don’t promise a quick delivery as fast as a machine), is the best academic transcription service, as a human can deliver the most accurate results, similar to your originals


Take an example: The problem while listening to academic files is that, when you have an important point in the middle of your teacher’s lecture audio, and you don’t know the exact timing of it; then you have to listen to the entire audio, to get that particular point and note it down somewhere. However, this is not the case when you have a transcript of the same audio, as you can read through the texts and skim over the important values alone.

Also, getting to watch a low-quality video which is filled with lots of information that is needed for your studies is a big challenge. Again, having a readable document of your academic video makes it easier for you to get the information accurately. 

In trying to save on your Academic transcription Costs, do not compromise by going with self-transcription works. Definitely, you may lose important details from your audio or video when you try to transcribe it on your own without professional knowledge.

Scripts Complete has enough expertise for providing you with the most accurate transcription works on all your academic needs. We charge reasonably and so, don’t worry about the costs.

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