Stenographer’s Job-Done Right From Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription is the process of transcribing, which is a file format from a digital medium to a textual one, which has a legal or judicial value to it. In general, there are so many types of legal transcriptions that are done during legal proceedings and courtroom discussions.

Types of legal transcriptions

Legal transcription involves a lot of skills and technicalities regarding the way a legal system works. Some of the most common orders that companies and language service providers receive are:

  • Legal Pleadings Transcription
  • Jury Instruction Transcription
  • Court Proceedings Transcription
  • Preliminary Hearing Transcription
  • Court Tapes Transcription
  • Legal Examination Transcription
  • Client tape Transcription
  • And a lot more

However, some typists did the same work of transcription. But due to the following reasons, they are less common in today’s scenario.

End of Stenographer Period

Stenographers are a kind of legal typists who capture real-time court and police conversations from their devices. Steno type is the device that they use to finish the job right, along with the help of a computer. 

With the knowledge of short-hand, stenographers type the conversations and proceedings that happen inside the courts. The computer here acts as a translation medium that converts the input texts of shorthand into the English version.

But there are a few solid reasons as to why the period of declining stenographers has begun:

  1. The age of technology and digitization of things makes the lawyers and officials to go for a computer version of legal transcription instead of a real person typing manually.
  2. At times, people require typing lengthy audios or speeches into text, but this may turn absurd due to the fast typing and improper knowledge about the subject being discussed.
  3. Due to personal reasons, or psychological constraints, the stenographers have missed out on significant details when typing for longer hours, due to mental reasons like attention span, loss of concentration, fatigue, etc. 
  4. The speed of typing on a computer is much more beneficial than actually getting it transcribed from a typist first and then getting it converted into the desired language from a computer.

But this is not a sad ending, since there are a good number of service providers online for professionally transcribing legal documents into texts as per the client’s requirement. With the advent of better technologies, we now have good technologies even for the online server to a legal transcription service.

Choosing the Right Mode for Your Legal Transcription Services

As said before, time is an important aspect concerning the value and use of an online service provider for your legal transcriptions.

Even though the duration of your file format is short, you cannot rely completely upon an automated platform; this is because automated mediums online may not promise you on the accuracy and also the confidentiality which is the 2 major phases for a legal transcription to be done rightly.

On the other hand, if you go for a fully manual labour , it would again turn into the case of a stenographer where you will search for reliable typists and pay for them; also,the delivery of your product is not assured when a manual worker does your conversion job.

Try to choose a service provider, a transcriptionist (transcriber) who uses advanced technologies for converting your digital file into legal texts. This method of transcription is termed as “Manually powered AI transcription”. With a good exposure in transcription, they can convert any file format ranging from shreds of evidence, eye-witness documents to confessions audios and court hearing videos.  

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