Choosing the Right Academic Transcription

Let us face it – Typing is a very time-consuming job. Think about how much time it takes for you to start and stop audio every time you do transcription. On an average, a person who can type fast and someone who is trained can type up to 80 words per minute. So,for one hour of audio, it takes about 3-4 hours of typing.  When you are not a professional, there are multiple hitches that may come your way.

Students who are moving to a new university as international students, lecturers across the university, foreign language schools are definitely in need of Academic Transcription. Finding the best academic transcription could be a difficult task as there are a few important requirements for a company to qualify.

Quality and Accuracy :

It is super important that you carefully assess your agency because Transcription services for Qualitative research is a very important job and requires utmost accuracy. If the company guarantees high accuracy,you  must find out if they stick to it.So, it is always better to read reviews about them. You need to check how robust their quality control processes are and analyze if they are an ISO certified company.

Simplified pricing:

What is the price structure offered by the company? Are their services transparent or do they have any hidden costs. The company should be able to provide cheap transcription services for students as students generally won’t be able to spend too much on their project work. The more variable the pricing gets, the harder it will be for you to decide what you would be able to afford and what you wouldn’t be.

Value for money:

Find out if the pricing seems to be realistic before you fix on the agency. Some vendors do push incredibly and make it hard for you to reject. Sometimes you get deceived and make a grave mistake. So, it is always better to see if the agency provides quality work for the pricing they offer. Picking a cheaper option at times may cost you double as you may have to go for a second option due to poor quality.So, pricing doesn’t always mean cheaper prices. It means affordable and reasonable pricing for the work they offer.


The transcription provider must have rigorous internal process. This will definitely ensure them to preserve their confidentiality and rule system. Your information should be their utmost priority. They should be able to put their concerns as secondary when compared to your file’s confidentiality and security. This is why a professional agency that is skilled and has had good reviews and are FCC and ISO compliant  make your work easier. It is always better if they have an NDA policy. You can be assured of your document security.

Customer service:

Before you even go ahead thinking that we are talking about the usual customer service experience, let me stop you. Customer service is the user experience that you as a customer must be provided with. While choosing for an academic transcription services, you must be aware that you are given importance despite the size or budget of your requirement. Customer experience means being available 24/7 and all the 365 days, to clarity whatever doubts that may come your way and to make sure that you are not let down on the promises they make.

Value Adds:

Finally, before you make the decision, check if they can give you some supplementary or complimentary offers. A multilingual service provider always have other services as well and they can make your work cost effective by combining one or more services together. If you have both transcription and translation, you can always clarify if they can make some exceptions in translating it to a particular language of your choice for cheaper rates.

For example: Let us say that you have a requirement for Transcription services for PhD students, you might be in need of translation services as well. See if the company can come the two and give you a discount in the first 100 pages or something like that.

Selecting the right kind of transcription company may look difficult. But spending some time on it and taking enough efforts in researching can ensure that you have a good user experience and security of your data. Choosing the right company can also save a lot of time and money.

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