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French,despite its sheer elegance, is the language that intimidates people the most.The way that words are pronounced and sentences constructed are extremely difficult to master. As such, even just the sound of it can instantly send shivers down a person’s spine.

This fear has created an unfair bias against it and is a very real challenge that many French companies. How can they tap into other markets if their audiences can barely understand what they’re saying? Most importantly, what must they do to ensure a clear message is being transmitted?

Student with a french cap reading a book in a classroom

Herein this article, we’d like to propose a solution for using French Transcription Services. For those that haven’t heard of this – or just want a quick refresher–, we’ll be expounding more on this topic below.

What Is French Transcription?

Transcription is defined as the act of copying thoughts, speech, or data from one medium to another. In this case, our company, Vanan Services, converts French-spoken audio or video files into typewritten text. This way, you can use it as a supplementary resource for all your projects.

Now from an outsider’s perspective, this may seem like mindless clerical work.Though a deeper look will show that it’s much more complicated than that.Besides tabulating information, transcribers also need to correct simple grammatical errors and fix sentence construction – all on top of getting the words right.

Can you imagine getting all these done while listening to a voice that won’t stop talking? It truly is a handful, but as they say – someone has to do the dirty work.

Quality Professionals Who Know What They’re Doing

What sets our company apart isn’t just that we have the largest workforce; we pride ourselves with offering the best kind of service, at the lowest cost, all done with a smile on our face.

Our team of 800 transcribers is fully committed to getting your French transcription needs done and delivered in the fastest possible time. Each one of them has been professionally trained, not only in the field of linguistics but also according to the different international standards. This means the product you will receive has been fine-tuned three times over and already ready to use.

We understand that precision and attention to detail are the primary considerations consumers have when selecting a service provider to partner with. Our company shares the same mindset and will always aim to reach the highest level of excellence.

Rush Services

Another one of our most sought after package is the rush bundle. We understand,oftentimes, that business is unstable and there are instances when projects need to be completed within a limited amount of time. Our company, Vanan Services, wants you to know that our French transcription services are built for these conditions.

Thanks to our hardworking team of transcriptionists and customer service agents, you can request a job and get it back all within 24 hours. Of course, you can like wise be assured that the quality remains unscathed despite the reduced deadline. These rush services are not something we’d ever wish upon anyone; but should the demand ever arise, you’d be relieved to know that you can always turn to us.

24/7 Customer Service Assistance

Aside from our efficient work system, our company’s call center is readily available to answer your French audio transcription concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our agents are well versed in the different operational aspects and are more than qualified to help you with your needs.

Interested consumers can simply call any one of our toll-free hotlines or the messenger tool found on the website. In as quickly as 5 minutes, our representatives will be in touch to assist you in whatever way they can. So if you’re encountering any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Convenient and User-Friendly Business Process

Unlike other agencies, your development from inquiring, to ordering, to consulting, to finally accepting the finished product is incredibly easy. Our site’s interface guides you through the entire process, hassle-free! Here’s how simple everything is:

  • Step 1 – Click the Place Order button.
  • Step 2 – Plug in the necessary information (such as type of transcription, file length, purpose, time code, and if there’s a need to translate it after). Once these have been sent, we’ll reply with a full quotation.
  • Step 3 – If you agree with the total, proceed to the payment options.
  • Step 4 – After a certain amount of time, your file should be accomplished, emailed to you, and ready to go.

Try it out for yourself by visiting our website at Script Complete. It won’t matter if you’re a student, teacher, or business professional –partnering with us for all your French transcription needs is as easy as one, two, three.

Affordable Rates

Learning of our French transcription rate will make you question whether we’re a legit enterprise; though I can assure you we are. On average, our transcription services amount to about $0.7 per minute, which is probably the friendliest margin on the market. This, combined with the excellent transcription quality and above-and-beyond customer service, makes this an extremely affordable deal.

In addition to those parks, included in all our packages is a legitimate NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) between you and our company. This, ultimately,protects you from any information leaks that could happen. Other firms charge extra for this, but we want to prove that we are trustworthy partners in the protection of your vestments.

Most Diverse and Trusted Service Provider

Vanan Services has been in operations for about six years and doesn’t just specialize in French audio transcription, but other services as well. This includes translation,closed-captioning, subtitling, typing, and other typing tasks. These even contain an option to convert the content into other dialects as well.

With connectivity being a very real issue in today’s world, we aspire to be your go-to option for online services. Our goal isn’t just to be the best; we want to help you in any way that we can, which is why all our goals are consumer-centric. Everything we do is specially made for me.

This mind set has served as our driving force in every single one of the 70,000 projects that we’ve completed. While many are hulking corporations, a handful is also comprised of everyday customers who experience problems, too – and we treat everyone with the same level of integrity, flexibility, and respect.

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